Modern Condo Designers Are Installing The Latest Technology To Construct Smart Condominiums

Condo designers are now creating smart condominiums so tech-savvy that even Tony Stark would be tempted to buy one. Technology is changing how condos are built, how they operate, and how we live. Condos are a convenient form of housing requiring less labor on the owner’s part. Condo living means you don’t have to deal with mowing the lawn or cleaning the pool. And then, there are the desired amenities of a gym, theater, or pool. Some of these are even accessible 24 hours a day. The following are several ways condos are changing with technology.

Smart thermostats, lighting, and appliances save energy and prevent damage in Smart Condominiums

Condo builders consider all of the latest home technology in today’s smart condo construction, such as:

  • Smart thermostats that allow you to heat and cool your home through a smartphone or other at-home devices

  • Sensor lighting and smart appliances that can save energy

  • Smart plugs that tell you how much energy you consume 

  • The Water Hero system alerts residents of a leak, protecting you and your neighbors from water damage

Smart Condos Using Touchless Tech Cuts Down On The Spreading of Germs

Common surfaces in shared living spaces are touched by many people all day long. Adding touchless entrances to the building and amenity centers is one way some condos are coping with this issue. Elevators use similar technology. Residents can hover their key over an elevator button to get to their floor. It’s practically magic!

Improved security to give you peace of mind

Technological advances in security help condominium residents feel safer. Communities use motion sensors to detect suspicious movement in and around buildings and send alerts to residents’ phones. Biometric scanning technology uses facial recognition to access private resident areas. Smart surveillance cameras can tell between people and animals to avoid false alarms. Smart locks and e-keys help keep condo residents safe. Only authorized people can access non-common areas. The maintenance staff can only enter units for a limited time.

Tracking and announcing visitors like your own butler

For top-level condo security, it’s essential to keep track of who’s coming and going inside a condo complex. 

High-tech communities can now take pictures of visitors and announce their arrival to the owner. This added feature is a benefit to regular visitors as well. For example, suppose a medical worker visits a resident on a typical schedule. If they meet the requirements, they can be pre-approved and have easier access to their patient. 

Managing packages with tech prevents theft

Many condo communities have used a locker system for packages arriving for residents. With more and more people ordering their goods online, condos needed a solution for the deliveries. The resident portal is a valuable outlet for the alert that the parcel has arrived. Residents can pick up their goods as soon as they’re delivered and cut down on stolen or missing packages.

Improved water and air filtration keeps your living space as pure as possible

Besides comfort, ease, and safety, condo buildings are now looking to create healthier environments for residents through technology. Here are a few ways some condos are making changes to provide healthier surroundings.

Since COVID is an airborne virus, there’s been concern about air circulation in condo buildings. So designers have begun installing hospital-grade UV-C/HEPA systems to filter out airborne germs. Some buildings have water filters that remove particulates. Giving this peace of mind to homeowners is critical.

Killing germs with light instead of chemicals is the healthier way

In addition to touchless entries, air filters, and a little “elbow grease,” condo communities also using light technology to clean. They use UV light sanitizing devices to clean the shared areas of the building. They also use them to sanitize the condo units before residents move in. What makes this technology even smarter is this smart home system will not work when a person is nearby. The technology determines motion and shuts off when someone is in the area. 

More eco-friendly tech makes ‘going green’ a breeze

It’s common today for people to care about what we are doing to the earth. For environmentally conscious people, the energy-efficient advancements seen in condos are appealing. 

Some communities are adding: 

  • Solar panels 

  • Roof-top gardens

  • Tanks for catching rainwater

  • Water recycling systems that take water from showers and sinks

Communication has never been easier

Technology improves communication through social media and online communities. 

In the past, residents might seldom engage with condo management. Today, portals make it possible for residents to: 

  • Share documents

  • Take care of issues

  • Make payments

  • Submit service requests

This fantastic customer service enhanced by technology allows happier owners to stick around longer.

Making space like the big bang

One thing that condo owners typically deal with is less space in which to live. Less space is not necessarily a bad thing, companies like Ori are supplying retractable furniture systems to help the minimalist in us all live more comfortably.

They like to use small spaces for different activities, like transforming an office into a workout room with the push of a button. The company is currently working on having a bed float to the ceiling and housing a sofa underneath. 

Touch, voice command, or remote access through apps control these systems. However, if you like the sound of condo living but want more space, properties on Live Modern are luxurious and have room to spare. We have condos with up to 5 bedrooms,  an average of 8,400+ square feet, and lofty 10’ floor-to-ceiling windows.

LiveModern is on top of the luxury condo game

Living in a condo community is growing in appeal with all of the benefits of security and convenience. 

Are you looking for one of these smart condos to call your own? 

We have the top 1% of agents working exclusively in your next neighborhood in South Florida. Contact us at 561.408.5507 to find your perfect condo with the advanced technology mentioned above.

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