Modern vs. Traditional Design - Why Choose a Modern Home? 

Don't you love our modern world? Today, our society thrives on efficiency, minimalism, and simplicity, and we need our environment to follow suit. Modern homes and modern architecture are the new norms, which have caused a surge of interest in living and working spaces that take advantage of today's technologies to create efficient, stylish designs.

While there are so many benefits to owning a modern home, many still wonder if modern living is the right choice for them. Modern design isn't necessarily new; it has been around since Frank Lloyd Wright introduced his "prairie style" homes in the 1900s, but only recently have more people discovered how much they love living and working in a modern environment.

So, why do people still opt-in for the traditional option? Is it due to price? Comfort? Possibly reminiscences of the past? We're going to discover all of this and more in our modern vs. traditional design debate. But first, what exactly is it that defines a traditional home? And what defines a modern one? 

Let's find out. 

Traditional Florida Home

What is a Traditional Home?  

A traditional home is typically defined by its style, which often involves symmetrical structures and "classical" designs. This could be considered a type of architectural plan that commonly includes elements such as pillars, porches, and a gable roof. Hanging baskets, shutters, and colorful flower boxes are also common features in traditional homes that surround the house's exterior, with a pop of color to add character and charm.

When it comes to traditional style, symmetry is everything. It doesn't matter if the windows and doors are off-centered, as long as they're evenly spaced on both sides of the home. Another idea behind symmetry in traditional homes is called "proportion." Proportion refers to how elements within a design are arranged to create different relationships between the individual parts of the whole. The goal is for all elements, including any color or textures used throughout, to be balanced and aesthetically pleasing.

Traditional homes often feature dark colors, bold geometric shapes, textures, and patterns. If you're considering a traditional-style home for your family, think about the number of people who will be living in it since this type of design usually isn't ideal if there are more than two or three residents per bedroom.

It's important to note that there are many types of traditional designs, which can vary from region to region or even town-to-town depending on the preferences of each community. However, these general guidelines should help you determine if your home is a traditional one or not. 

Modern Florida Home

What is a Modern Home?  

Worlds apart from traditional designs, a modern home often includes the idea of open-plan living spaces with large windows and glass doors to allow in natural light. Modern homes are built with clean lines that usually feature a sleek exterior design hidden under a modern roofline or minimalist "box" shape

Modern homes are known for their open floor plans, which provide the homeowner with a luxurious amount of space to move around in while also maintaining an overall sense of simplicity. Modern architectural design is all about creating the perfect balance between form and function.

Contemporary homes are the perfect combination of space and style, giving homeowners a sense of "home" without being too cluttered or overwhelming. Modern architecture often includes fewer details than traditional design, but this doesn't mean that modern homes lack character or charm.

Modern designs typically feature darker colors on the outside with lighter tones inside. The use of bright lights paired with dark walls helps to enhance natural light while also eliminating any shadows cast by furniture pieces placed in different areas around the room. Modern rooms don't have many side angles since designers aim for smooth curves instead. This is all part of creating clean lines throughout each home. No detail goes unnoticed when it comes to these types of structures! 

To live modern means that every single room feels fresh and inviting, but also cozy and comfortable with its bright interior. Modern homes are often asymmetrical, which makes these homes unique and one-of-a-kind, especially Florida modern homes. Modern design is all about being bold, but in a way that enhances the overall style of each home without going overboard.

Modern Home Furniture

What Are the Key Differences Between Modern vs. Traditional Design?  

The Architecture 

Traditional and modern architecture each have their own unique style. For example, the use of materials, such as brick or stone, can be seen in traditional buildings, while glass is more common in modern ones. Steel may also play an important role depending on where it's located within the structure.

The Furniture

The traditional style of furniture is excellent for those who enjoy the look and feel of the 19th century or older. Furniture from this time period tends to be dark, heavy wood. The furniture is often large and cumbersome in design, with traditional style still being used for homes or offices that are located within historic buildings.

Modern furniture, on the other hand, is sleek and simple without all the added frills. Modern furniture doesn't have much in terms of ornamentation or embellishments, but this doesn't mean that it's lacking when it comes to comfort. 

Modern design often includes a combination of materials such as glass and metal, which is why modern homes are well-known for their open floor plans. Modern furniture is also slightly smaller in size, which means that these items can be moved around easily to accommodate a larger living space while still maintaining an overall sense of minimalism and simplicity within the home.

The Colors 

Modern homes embrace the use of bold colors and darker tones. Modern homeowners tend to choose a color palette that is simple yet sleek, depending upon their desired mood. Modern home designs often come in neutral shades or bold hues like reds and yellows, whereas traditional designs typically rely upon earthy tones such as greens and browns with hints of blue here and there for contrast. With modern style choices, simplicity reigns supreme!

What Does it All Mean? 

Choosing to live modern means embracing change, whether you're choosing new furniture pieces for your living room or deciding on paint colors for the walls of your home. It's all about having fun decorating while creating spaces that truly feel like they were made just for you! 

Modern designs tend to be all about function and simplicity. Modern homes focus on streamlined spaces that enhance the overall look of a room without becoming too overwhelming, leaving enough open space for comfortability.

Modern design is part artistry, part science—and it's pretty popular among homeowners who want their houses to reflect their personality and tastes, rather than trying to go with something more traditional or opulent. 

Florida Modern Homes

So, Why Should You Choose Modern Living? 

Modern houses are not only beautiful, but they also provide a world of benefits to homeowners. So, to finish up, let's take a look at just some of them now:

  • Modern homes provide better indoor air quality than traditional home styles. They also boast better insulation, which makes them more energy-efficient.
  • Due to new, sturdy materials, a modern house requires much less maintenance over time.
  • Modern houses provide a wide range of floor plans to choose from, which means you can find the perfect fit for any lifestyle. Contemporary architecture features open concept living spaces that allow homeowners to create a personalized space with endless design possibilities.
  • Modern homes are also great for families because of their open plans and natural light, which reduces the stress on young children to stay in one place for too long. Modern design is a child-friendly environment.
  • Modern architecture offers more flexibility than traditional styles. Modern living allows individuals to experience their environment in new ways by drawing them into the design.
  • Modern homes are also known for their energy efficiency, use of renewable resources, and decreased environmental impact due to low-maintenance designs.
  • Modern homes provide a sleek look on both the interior and exterior without sacrificing any practicality along the way, making them ideal for today's busy lifestyle where families seek open concept design elements.
  • Modern homes boast clean lines which provide an overall contemporary look without feeling too sterile or cold. Instead, modern architecture feels very warm and inviting.

Why Have a Florida Modern Home? 

Warmth and comfort are combined with minimalism in modern homes. The absence of clutter creates a soothing environment that allows people to relax, and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Modern homes Florida are perfect for those looking to simplify their lifestyle.

Today's homeowners in Florida have begun seeking out modern living spaces because they believe this type of architecture is more sustainable than traditional styles, an ideal place to live for those who have a passion for the environment. Modern homes are also more energy-efficient, which is excellent news for homeowners looking to save money on their utility bills each month.

Modern homes Florida offer endless possibilities when it comes to decorating and design, with many contemporary architecture styles being so flexible they allow an array of options to choose from. Modern homes provide homeowners opportunities to express their own personal taste and style through color, furniture, layout - you name it!

Final Thoughts

All in all, modern homes are the answer to living in a world of over-stimulation and chaos, where people can finally get away from it all. Modern architecture allows its inhabitants to be surrounded by quality materials, while also being more mindful about how they spend their time at home or work. Contemporary design is flexible enough for you to do whatever makes your life easier with peace.

In today's world, so many designers are taking cues from modern design and applying it to their own unique styles. Modern homes offer a variety of benefits and advantages that only seem to be growing in popularity over time, so they're definitely worth considering when you begin your search for your dream house or apartment.

If you are looking for the perfect modern home, let us help you find it. Contact LiveModern by clicking here! 

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