What have you heard about Nautilus 220?

Yes, it's one of the most sought-after new construction condo projects in West Palm Beach. Yes, the features and amenities are simply top-notch. Yes, this building is a boater's dream and is bringing luxury to life. Hearing all of these great things get a little repetitive after a while, right?... Probably not! Because the building is just that great. But, what we DO want to do is give you a little insider knowledge on what's happening with the project right now, and why people are not only choosing new construction over resales but also still choosing Nautilus as their new home to be.



If you’ve thought about buying a new construction condo in West Palm Beach but somehow Nautilus hasn't been on…

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If you’re looking for a fun and romantic date night, Fort Lauderdale has no shortage of options. From clubs and bars to outdoor activities and entertainment, there’s something for every couple. And while you might have your own speed and pace, we’re going to help you plan the perfect date night by providing a quick rundown of some top options.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the top 10 date nights in downtown Fort Lauderdale! 


As fun as a sit-down dinner can be, there’s something to be said for letting loose and enjoying yourself with a casual night out. And nothing says casual quite like throwing axes and drinking beer. (Actually, it screams casual.)

Billed as a world-class cocktail bar and axe throwing…

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When you think of Miami, what words come to mind? For most, it’s bright, colorful, energetic, and exciting. But Miami is more than just nightclubs, concerts, and entertainment. It also has a thriving culinary scene – one of the best in the entire region. And whether you’re looking for a casual bite for lunch or a luxurious fine dining experience, there are plenty of options. But as anyone does, we have our favorites!

Best Miami Restaurants to Try

Criteria for Best Restaurants

Any list of the best restaurants in a specific locale is going to be subjective. But in order to be as transparent as we possibly can, here are the five main factors we’re using to make our list. 

  • Food. The actual food itself is obviously the most important factor. When you push past all of the…

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