What have you heard about Nautilus 220?

Yes, it's one of the most sought-after new construction condo projects in West Palm Beach. Yes, the features and amenities are simply top-notch. Yes, this building is a boater's dream and is bringing luxury to life. Hearing all of these great things get a little repetitive after a while, right?... Probably not! Because the building is just that great. But, what we DO want to do is give you a little insider knowledge on what's happening with the project right now, and why people are not only choosing new construction over resales but also still choosing Nautilus as their new home to be.



If you’ve thought about buying a new construction condo in West Palm Beach but somehow Nautilus hasn't been on…

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Modern vs. Traditional Design - Why Choose a Modern Home? 

Don't you love our modern world? Today, our society thrives on efficiency, minimalism, and simplicity, and we need our environment to follow suit. Modern homes and modern architecture are the new norms, which have caused a surge of interest in living and working spaces that take advantage of today's technologies to create efficient, stylish designs.

While there are so many benefits to owning a modern home, many still wonder if modern living is the right choice for them. Modern design isn't necessarily new; it has been around since Frank Lloyd Wright introduced his "prairie style" homes in the 1900s, but only recently have more people discovered how much they love living and working in a…

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